22/04/24 - Monday
Latinos with big butts? 34

This may be too hard on here but last spring when I lived in Houston, I got lucky with two latino workers from the house next door. I'd never done anything like it but think about it a lot.I moved to Louisville this year and there's no construction at all on my street. No workers. Plus, as I type this I realize that Spanish-speaking day laborers might not be on this website. Oh well. It wasa thought.If you are a latino man who works outside (on houses, construction or yard work; blue collar), I'm interested in meeting. My type: dark skin, dark hair, short(er) (like, 5'8" and shorter), stocky build (no big bellies but thick is fine), and smooth skin. Basically, if you look good in Wranglers from the back, you're my type.Me: white, dirty blonde, 34, single, in-shape (OrangeTheory and yoga girl here). Any guys like that or did I just get lucky? Send me a photo and let's talk.